Who's Fern?

The cafe is named after my grandmother Fern who was known for her red hair. My nieces and nephews used to call her “Gamma Goffee” because she always asked for a cup of coffee to sip when she arrived. She stayed busy dancing polka, volunteering, and playing 500 every chance she got. She was a constant in my life. Every milestone I had, she was there because family was so important to her. I always knew I had a place in her home because wherever she lived, the guest bedroom was called “Julie’s Room.” I even lived with her for a time after college, and she said her fondest memories were the mornings where I would make us a breakfast of coffee and waffles. This cafe is my way of showing her that she will always have a place in my heart because I couldn't have done it without her support throughout my life.

About Me

I have been working in the food and hospitality industry since I was 15 years old in both corporate and small business. I’ve been a lead cake decorator, and a baking assistant to a French-trained pastry chef, and now opening a cafe of my own. Those years have taught me to truly value small business because they are the ones with heart, passion, and integrity.

I am also an artist who dabbles in pottery as well as mixed media. I love to challenge myself with new adventures, whether that is sculpting a cake, trying a new recipe or flavor combination, or exploring a new art medium.

My home has always been a sanctuary for my friends and family where they can come relax, create, and/or recharge. I hope to bring a similar atmosphere to the cafe where customers can feel at home.


The Red Fern Cafe believes that we as a whole, are stewards of this earth and have the responsibility to take care of it. Looking for sustainable products and processes that do not harm our environment as well as offering discounts for using reusable wares.

Renewable Programs:

  • Take one/leave one coffee collars
  • Collaboration with "Good To Go Cups" a business that has created a cup and an App where you can track and keep using fresh GTG cups when you turn in your old cup. Come in the store for more info or visit goodtopgocups.com